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Some customers ask:  Does Pressto have a laundry service? Of course!

This trend is increasing. More of our customers now require this service, whether for convenience (who really wants to do the washing on a Sunday?), or because of the high quality results delivered by our shops. In fact, we do a lot of laundry, including underwear, bedlinen, curtains, shirts and every type of garment that needs this.

You can identify those items that require washing in water if the following symbol appears on their label:

Símbolo de lavado en agua

And as an addition to our laundry service, you can request our new vacuum pack service* This allows you to reduce the size of more voluminous items and to conserve them until you need them, therefore saving space at home.

*Currently only available in Madrid.

Our laundry service is based on weight and you can choose between three options:

  1. Normal laundry. For washing your garments in water. We can delivery these as you indicate; starched, perfumed, etc…
  2. Washing and ironing. In addition to washing your items we can iron them for you, so you save even more time. You will receive your garments as you wish, on hangers and perfectly wrapped, or folded so that they do not lose their finish.
  3. Ironing only. You deliver your clean clothing and we return it ironed and with the finish you would like.

As always, garments receive the treatments and undergo processes exclusive to Pressto Dry-Cleaners and Laundry. And to completely adapt our services to your needs, this service is also available at home, any day of the week and within ample operating hours. We collect your laundry and then deliver it to where it suits you. You only have to check our geographic availability.