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Pressto has seen many changes since it opened its first dry-cleaners in the district of Chamberí in Madrid in 1994. Some things, however, have remained unchanged over the years. Key to its business success, including expansion across five continents, is Pressto’s aim of offering a cleaning, ironing and integrated care service for all types of garment.

Pressto has become the benchmark in culturally different and geographically distant countries such as Qatar, Australia, Peru and Angola. And as a picture paints a thousand words…

Our constant evolution and innovation, adapting to new markets, new fabrics and new requirements have been recognised on numerous occasions through the different awards we have won. An award we are particularly proud of is the “Franchise with the Largest International Expansion” given at the Frankinorte Fair.

The Pressto Franchise

As a franchise chain, Pressto’s aim is that when you enter any shop in any country, you are always presented with the same image and, of course, you receive the same quality of service.

To guarantee consistent standards and the success of all our franchisees, we continue to improve and innovate on a daily basis thanks to the work we do in our own establishments. We then transfer our deeper knowledge to all our other dry-cleaners in the form of new garment treatment processes, the latest technological advances, or latest cleaning systems.

The Total and Integrated Quality that characterises the Pressto brand applies not only to each of the services we offer in our dry-cleaners and laundries, but to each of the principal areas that comprise Pressto; customer services, marketing actions, care of and respect for the environment, R+D investment, etc.