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This means made-to-measure, à la carte, as you require, as you indicate…

We all like it when our views are considered, when we are offered the best possible result, when we are not only offered quality, but our garments are delivered as we want them. Not everyone, however, can offer this….

Servicio de personalización de prendas

At Pressto, we can. Because we want to improve our services. We want you to leave our premises with a smile…For this reason we put the emphasis on personalised service, a service that does not imply additional cost, but simply requires you to indicate your preferences when delivering your items to our personnel. That’s it.

Would you like a crease in your shirt sleeves? No problem, we can do it.

Would you like us to apply our anti-pill system to your woollen coat?

Would you like our starching service for your cloak? Or that we lightly press your suit jacket lapels?

Would you like your shirts folded so that they can be easily stored in a draw? We will deliver them folded and wrapped, if that is what you prefer.

We can perfume your laundry with the scent you choose…or we can store your winter curtains and rugs so these do not take up space in your home.

Ask us, and we can do it for you…

At Pressto we know that every customer is unique. Therefore we have created our personalised garment service. Pressto Dry-Cleaners are the made-to-measure dry-cleaning service!

Personalised service means to your specification, choosing the finish, starching shirt collars and cuffs, perfuming garments, trouser creasing, vacuum packing. everything you can think of. You only have to ask.