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Ironing Service

Along with doing the laundry, ironing is one of the most “hated” household tasks, whether due to the impossibility of achieving perfectly ironed clothes, its tedious nature, or the time it takes. Whether you live alone or as a couple, you have one son or daughter or 5 ….well, with 5 you’ve got a lot of clothes to iron, the fact is that we really don’t like to have to spend time ironing.

Therefore, a few years ago at Pressto we thought of developing an ironing service.

We have three packages, depending on your needs:

– Batch of up to 12 garments, for 22 €
– Batch of 13 to 20 garments, for 35 €
– Batch of 21 to 25 garments, for 44 €

The exclusive Pressto Dry-Cleaners and Laundry ironing system eliminates wrinkles and folds, treats misshaping due to use, making this disappear, doing everything to ensure you are always impeccable.

You only have to take your already washed garments to your Pressto* establishment, request the corresponding package, and in a few days you can collect your perfectly ironed clothes. Or if you prefer, you can acquire our new shirt pass, that delivers cleaned, ironed shirts for 2.50 Euros per unit.

You can also request our home ironing service for your garments. We collect your garments from where you specify and deliver them where and when it suits you. From the first moment, you will discover the value of this service: You save time and money!

* Not valid for the following services; curtains, leather garments, sheets, table linen, party wear, blinds, net curtains, duvets, special event garments (weddings, baptisms…).