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At Pressto Dry-Cleaners and Laundry we don’t just clean suits, dresses, shirts or rugs. We also have a wide range of much more specific services when you need them; home sofa cleaning, cleaning wedding and cocktail dresses, curtain cleaning and ironing, weekly laundry. And we don’t stop there. We also clean leather bags, your motorcycle helmets…Check out our services!


In any situation, on a daily basis, or from time-to-time, Pressto Dry-Cleaners and Laundry has the solution. You can count on our comprehensive catalogue, with more services than anyone else; dry-cleaning, especially for those fabrics that can’t be washed such as silk, wool, jacket suits, for stains caused by grease and other fluids, or for garments that are lined and interlined. You can identify garments that can, or must be dry-cleaned with the symbol:

What are the advantages of dry-cleaning?

  • More gentle on fibres.
  • Clothes don’t shrink.
  • They don’t become misshapen.
  • They don’t lose their “finish”.
  • They don’t lose colour.
  • Clothes are less creased than when washed as there is less mechanical action.

What type of garments require dry-cleaning? Raincoats, cloaks, anoraks, tailored suits, silk dresses, silk blouses, party wear, regional costumes, wool jerseys, bomber jackets, overcoats, duvet jackets, rugs, sofa covers, leather garments, etc…

With dry-cleaning, your garments maintain their new look for longer.