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Bags & Shoes service

We have established a new shoe and bag cleaning and mending service, Pressto Bags & Shoes.

Pressto Bags&Shoes offers cleaning services for bags, footwear, leather and textile accessories and delivers the best results. Through implementing this service Pressto is seeking to be your go-to dry-cleaners and laundry.

Establishing the new business line as part of our services is an innovation in the sector and professionalises this type of cleaning.

Multiple services are offered by Pressto Bags&Shoes; cleaning, maintenance, shoe shining, protection, dyeing, repair etc. These are applicable to any type of footwear, bags, leather goods, suitcases, sneakers, etc.

However, we have also cleaned giant stuffed toys, theatre curtains, mats, tapestries, etc…

Another important service we provide is cleaning motorcycle helmets. Pressto Bags&Shoes has researched and developed a cleaning process that guarantees total cleanliness, disinfection and deodorising. Whether it is a simple helmet, or integrated, modular, jet, etc…at Pressto Dry Cleaners we clean inside and out, just as we clean delicate motor-cycle clothing that is important for your safety!!

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