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Premium Cards

Our Premium cards offer you a very interesting discount for all those clothes of more habitual use like the jackets, pants, dresses, shirts, etc.

You also have two types of cards to choose from, Gold and Silver Premium Cards, both of which allow you to take your most common garments such as jackets or pants to the dry cleaner’s… at a unit price of €5 per garment.

Purchase them at the counter of your usual Pressto dry-cleaner’s and laundry and start enjoying your time. The GOLD CARD allows you to take your garments for 4 months from the date of purchase. The SILVER CARD is valid for 3 months.

Take advantage of the benefits they offer and remember that they are available only in store .


The best dry cleaning service at the best price, in Pressto+plus dry cleaners and laundry we offer you this and many other promotions to make your life easier.