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Platinum Card- € 50 free for you!!

At Pressto we give you €50 with our Platinum Card!

If you buy your new Platinum Card for €100, you will also get €50 for free. Yes, yes, it’s that easy… Just buy your card and you can clean all your garments, of any type, up to a value of €150.

The Platinum card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and can only be used in the establishment where it was bought.

It is not compatible with products such as Premium Cards, Shirts pass, Pressing packs, Bonoplancha card or self-service washes.

Because we think there are better ways to spend our time that cleaning or ironing our clothes, at Pressto+plus we are thinking of ways to make your life easier.

The best dry cleaning service, laundry, carpet cleaning, ironing, garment alterations, duvet and blanket cleaning, party or celebration dresses, suits, sports or leather shoes.

All this and much more, if you have any special cleaning needs, please contact us, we are sure we can help you.

And remember we have delivery service, available for you from Monday to Friday.