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Become Pressto Master Franchise

The Master Franchise formula is the strategy followed by Pressto to implement our business concept in other countries. Accordingly, if the entrepreneur decides to introduce Pressto brand in a specific country, will become master franchise, that is, partner and responsible to develop Pressto brand in the foresaid country thanks to the master franchise agreement signed between him and Pressto headquarter.

The master Franchise agreement enables to:

– Acquire the highest quality standards and exclusive machinery and technology.

– Continuous support from our technicians and training team to grant a reliable and efficient know how communication.

– Provide ongoing advisory services that will ensure direct support from the franchising company.

The master franchisee will therefore become responsible for Pressto in the given area or country:  the master franchisee will hold the right to develop the brand in the area either by direct operated stores or by sub franchises shops. The investment required to implement a master franchise in a territory will depend on each market potential. Therefore, the economic and strategic plans will be discussed individually with each investor according to the country.