Pressto / Franchisee

10 basic reasons to be a Pressto franchisee

  1. Pressto is a unique, competitive and profitable business concept.

  2. A successful, internationally recognised model with more than 400 establishments across 25 markets.

  3. A “cleaning boutique” image, applied down to the smallest detail.

  4. Today, Pressto is the franchise with the largest service structure in the sector, its own management and training systems and consolidated know-how.

  5. It has the most advanced technology, guaranteeing the maximum quality.

  6. It is a successful project developed by a highly qualified team.

  7. It is a way of being, working and communicating that makes us leaders in, and a benchmark for, the sector.

  8. It constantly focuses on adaptability and innovation, anticipating consumer needs and behaviours.

  9. With its own information technology, it can develop opportunities based on the latest technologies.

  10. Pressto has a Franchising philosophy that is sustainable and responsible and that seeks to attract and retain our customer base through providing a model service experience.

If you are interested in joining the Pressto dry-cleaning and laundry family in Malta, you can download our information pack here or contact us through completing this form: