Book Collection of Pressto

In Pressto want to make easier your life, and therefor we want to launch our new delivery service, in your home. Choose the area/city for delivery service in the box.

Also you can request delivery service calling to 990 49605 from Monday to Friday or send email to at any time.

You can also contact us at our stores or by phone at (+356)2226 3900

With the delivery service web you can access to all services available for you:

dry cleaning, laundry service, alterations and repairs, shoes cleaning. Also you can select the place (your home, office, etc…). Our service is available from Monday to Friday or by mail: at any time.

How it works?

  • Enter your area/city

    Put into your area/city and access the online service.
    Our delivery service is available in the mayority areas in Malta.

  • Choose the services you need

    You have access to dry cleaning services, laundry, alterations and repairs of your garments, cleaning of shoes and bags, etc..and a lot of new services

  • Choose the place and the time of your delivery

    You can request or home service at any time, 365 days through our website, or through email address:

  • Choose your payment method

    You can pay in the delivery of your order.

Book collection service conditions

Enjoy all about Pressto, now from your home!!